Cell Towers A Tough Sell At Hillsborough Schools, Tampa, FL

Cell Towers A Tough Sell At Hillsborough Schools
By RICHARD MULLINS | The Tampa Tribune


Radiating the Planet

Radiating the Planet

… Here is my comment:
I am astounded at the level of ignorance there is around this issue. Health effects resulting from mobile phone microwave transmission towers have been an issue since the 80’s when towers started to proliferate. In 1996, the telecom act removed citizens right to object to a tower based on health effects. This is all about money – for the telecoms and for the schools that are allowing this to happen. Is this what we have come to, selling out our children’s health for money?

Parents, you MUST fight this for the sake of your childrens health
. There is enough evidence to warrant applying “the precautionary principal” (google it).  Also google “The Freiburger Appeal” – 3000 German doctors speaking out against the dangers of overexposure to microwave radiation.

Do your research – there are many studies that have been completed about cell towers.
The studies are not “voodoo science” as Stacy Frank would want you to believe.

Carl in Tampa, FL


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