Microwave and oxygen deprivation in your red blood cells

Safe distance from a shielded microwave is 500m according to Russian scientists! I read somewhere on this group Kevin stuartdicks wrote:mobile-man

I was thinking since the introduction of microwaves in the eighties our healths have been going down hill with the introduction of new illnesses. I measured the voltage outside mine when it was cooking, it was 40 v/m up to one foot away. I suppose mobile phones are 1 v/m on average.

So if your standing by your microwave waiting for it to cook then thats 40 minutes on the mobile phone for every minute of cooking time. For some people they might eat microwave meals 4 times a week at 4 minutes each so that could be a possible exposure of 640 minutes a week on the mobile phone. Thats alot of phone calls.

I suppose working people are more likely to use the microwave because of the time factor and becuase we are naturally lazy.

The funny thing is my cat used to sit on top of ours in our family home and every time we would warm desert up his expression would change dramatically.



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