May 2009 as Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) Awareness Month in Connecticut


Christiane Tourtet B.A.

Her Excellency M. Jodi Rell, Governor of the State of Connecticut, signed a proclamation declaring May 2009 as Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) Awareness Month in Connecticut. As stated in the proclamation , people in Connecticut and throughout the world have developed Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as a result of global electromagnetic pollution.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) is a painful chronic illness of hypersensitivities reactions to electromagnetic radiations for which there is no known cure. The symptoms of EMS include dermal changes, acute numbness and tingling, dermatitis, flushing, arrhythmia, muscular weakness, tinnitus, malaise, gastric problems, nausea, visual disturbances, severe neurological, respiratory, speech problems and numerous other physiological symptoms.

It is also stated in the proclamation of Her Excellency M. Jodi Rell, that Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. Access Board , and numerous commissions, and that the health of the general population is at risk from electromagnetic exposures, that can lead to this illness induced by electromagnetic radiations, and that this illness may be preventable through the reduction or avoidance of electromagnetic radiations in both indoor and outdoor environments and by conducting further scientific research, and that people with EMS need the support of the medical establishment, understanding of family, friends, co- workers and society as they struggle with their illness and have to adapt to new lifestyles.

For more information on Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and to view the EMS proclamation signed by Her Excellency M. Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut, please visit the award winning website:

MCS Homepage


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