cellphones jamming biophotons

“No one knows how individual DNA strands could possibly be communicating in this way, yet somehow they do. The ‘telepathic’ effect is a source of wonder and amazement for scientists.”

— No one mentions the work of Dr Fritz Albert Popp and his work on biophotons over 30 years. Popp has shown that DNA *radiates light*, and this is how cells regulate their internal functioning in real time, and how cells throughout the body communicate with each other — and communicate in fact with the entire ecosystem.

Obviously, DNA of the same creature will resonate more strongly with itself (it’s “tuned” to itself) and DNA of the same species will resonate more strongly than with DNA of other species.

Popp’s work on biophotons has been replicated in every detail by Japanese, Chinese and Russian scientists. But for some reason, scientists in the West have never heard of him. Wonder why:

(a) Popp’s work would destroy the genetic modification industry, which relies on the fact that “junk DNA” does nothing, certainly nothing like radiating light; and

(b) Popp’s work would destroy the cellphone industry, when it is discovered that tuned harmonics from cellphones disrupt the body’s natural communication system by jamming biophotons.

Therefore they’ve never heard of Popp. Scientists firmly stick their telescopes to their blind eye. We see no biophotons.


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