Decades of warnings via documented harmful effects

Decades of documentation identifying the danger and harmful effects.  Have we learned?

The following link takes you to a 7 page report released six years ago.  Let’s get with the times, ignorance does not resolve!


Chronic Exposures to Low-Level, Non-ionizing Radiation A Literature Review Compiled by Roger Mattson

Low-Level Exposure Literature

A.  Critics of Standards that Do Not Account for Chronic, Low-Level Exposures

These are organizations from around the world that have expressed concern that small doses of nonionizing radiation accumulating over a long period of time will eventually lead to harmful effects. Note that the Federal Communications Commission of the United States is one of those organizations.

1. US National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (1986)
2. US Environmental Protection Agency (1993,1996, 1999)
3. Swedish National Board of Occupational Safety and Health; National Board of Housing, Building and Planning; National Electric Safety Board; National Board of Health and Welfare; and Radiation Protection Institute (The Precautionary Principle for Low Frequency Electrical and Magnetic Fields 1996)
4. US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of the National Institutes of Health (NIEHS Working Group Report, August 1998)
5. Switzerland Agency for Public Health (For “prudent avoidance” adopted 2 W/cm2 for the frequency range 10-400 MHz, 1999)
6. US Federal Radiofrequency Interagency Working Group (Guidelines Statement, June 1999)
• National Institute of Occupational Safety
• Federal Communications Commission
• Environmental Protection Agency
• National Telecommunication and Information Agency
• Food and Drug Administration
7. US Food and Drug Administration (Epidemiology, Owen, March 2000)
8. US National Institutes of Health, National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, National Toxicology Program (Recommendation from FDA, February 2000)
9. Colorado Department of Health (Testimony of Dr. Hoffman to Jefferson County Commissioners, 1999)
10. Independent Expert Group of the Parliament of the United Kingdom (Stewart Report, May 2000)
11. Scottish Parliament Inquiry on Telecommunications Development (Guidelines, 2000)
12. World Health Organization, International Agency on Research for Cancer International Electromagnetic Fields Project, 2001)
13. Italian Institute for Prevention and Work Safety, International Conference on State of Research on Electromagnetic Fields (2002)
14. California EMF Risk Evaluation (2002)


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