Ontario cellphone ban starts Monday, violators could face $500 fine

The time has come.  12 states in the US (so far) have banned ‘texting’ while driving because of the increasing rate of intextication and has become the leader in cause of traffic fatalities.

Now using a cell phone or other mobile type device is banned in Ontario, Canada. (effective tomorrow, November 2, 2009.

We already know that 12 countries have banned cell phone use in children, the awareness is growing, the actions becoming more serious and we look forward to the first 10 year cell phone : cancer study to be released by the WHO prior to the end of the year.  Following is a reprint from Eddie Wren

distracted woman on cell phone

Accident in the making

25 October 2009
TORONTO — Starting Monday, Ontario drivers will be the latest Canadians prohibited from using cellphones or BlackBerrys while behind the wheel.
Millions of motorists in the country’s most populous province are banned from using any hand-held electronic devices to text, email or talk while driving, except for 911 calls.
They’re also forbidden from using portable video games or DVD players while chugging along. Global positioning systems are allowed, as long as they’re properly secured to the dashboard.
It’s the fourth province to enact such a ban, following Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec and Nova Scotia.
Manitoba’s cellphone ban is expected to be proclaimed into law next year, British Columbia has introduced similar legislation and Saskatchewan has promised a bill this fall.
Hands-free devices aren’t covered under the Ontario ban, but provincial officials say they’re not recommended for use while driving….
There will be an “education” period in the first three months where police will show some leniency and, in many cases, simply let drivers off with a warning.
But make no mistake – drivers should not assume they’re “scot-free” until February, said Sgt. Dave Woodford, a spokesman for the Ontario Provincial Police.
Cops still have discretion to lay charges by way of summons under the new law, where the driver would have to go to court to find out how big the fine will be, he said.
Motorists using a banned device can also be charged under careless driving laws and face fines, six demerit points, license suspension – even jail time….
Read the full article, from Google, at: http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5jyTbl54jruvpi4Dz3bOqqW6tClZg

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