Compelling audio on the cell phone . cancer controversy

Extremely low non-ionizing radiation for periods of time may sound non threatening; however, you should be very concerned.

Compelling audio interview on this topic worth your time.  You need to allocate 45 + / – minutes to hear both cellphone questions and wireless technology questions answered by the panel of experts.

Personally, I found it quite interesting how some of the panelists ‘dance around’ the direct questions.  Strong evidence of lack of knowledge and knowingly allowing this damage to continue.  Unacceptable!

The oxygen loss to the red blood cells when holding / texting / speakerphone use were not addressed.  Example blood tests reveal that a 15 minute call call takes an adult 2 hours to recover from the oxygen loss.

To say a multiple cracked iPhone face would not increase radiation exposure frightens me.  Certainly the higher frequency comes from the back of  the phone where the battery is.  NOTE: if you must wear your cell / mobile / cordless phone, point the battery away from your body.

Blake Levitt was particularly strong about the biological effects to all living matter from wireless technology.  Science backing up the cell tower : cancer relationship.

We welcome and encourage your comments on this interview.

The solution we chose works with the 3G technology by doubling up the green-8.  The science continues; as do the technological solutions to technologies dangers.  Oh boy!


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