French Senate Bill for the Environment – ban cell phones

She did it again, we are grateful to Angela Flynn for finding this valuable Report…. CSea


I have finally tracked down the French action on cell phones and antennas.  Here it is:

The French Senate bans cell phones in schools, advertising to children under 14 and many other precautionary health actions on cell towers.

French  Senate Article 72 (Articles L. 32-1, 34-9 and L. L. 34-9-1 of the Code of Posts and Telecommunications electronic articles L. 5231-3 and L. 5231-4 [new] Code of Public Health and Article 17a [new] law of 15 June 1906 on the distributions of energy) – Regulatory Guidance on electromagnetic waves

Here is the google translation –

Some highlights:

Afsset – French Agency for Health Safety Environment and Labor


CE Article

Everyone has the right to health and protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

CE It is revealed that “the Court of Appeal of Versailles, by a decree of February 4, 2009, upheld the conviction of a mobile operator to dismantle an antenna relay, whereas it caused an abnormal disturbance Neighborhood.  Since that case, the judgments in this direction is growing.  These decisions reveal the growing concern of many of our fellow citizens for their health and that of their children.”

CE Article 9 Any decision on the establishment, alteration or maintenance of a facility used in radio telecommunications networks must be displayed clearly and visibly in the public areas of the building affected by the work.

Decisions on the siting radio used in telecommunications networks in condominiums must be taken unanimously by the owners.

Decisions on the siting radio used in telecommunications in low-rent housing should be a consultation of residents.

The lack of consultation in void the lease between the owner or owners of the building and the network operator.

CE Article 11 Bans advertising of mobile phones for children to children under 14.

CE Article 16 The installation of Wi-Max and LTE (long term evolution) are suspended for a period of 5 years from the enactment of this Act.  Where possible, the terminal facilities Wi-Max and LTE are replaced by an existing wired broadband.  In all other cases, prior approval of the Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and Environment will be required.

Amendment Prohibits the use of mobile phones in kindergartens, primary schools and colleges.

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Angela Flynn
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