CTIA- wireless association sends top guns to town of 27,000!

Michael Brownrigg, city council member in Burlingame, CA, a small neighbor of San Francisco, has 3 friends that died from brain cancer. He wanted to learn more about cell phones and brain cancer and the Mayor agreed to a presentation last evening.

The San Francisco Department of Environment made an excellent presentation with the help of the Environmental Working Group and the Environmental Health Trust. In fairness the CTIA, the wireless association, was allowed to present also. They sent a top V.P. from Washington D.C., Dane Snowden, who we had the “pleasure” of meeting in Maine last March and Dr. Ory, who was also in Maine. Another CTIA V.P., Mr. Keegan, was present but did not speak. We heard enough of him in San Francisco!

I am attaching the video – this should be of great interest to anyone who uses a cell phone or cares about democracy. Considering cell phones are ubiquitous this is an incredible piece and should be  on 60 minutes. The cell phone presentation starts 32 minutes into the video. We consider this a victory for the good guys!

I was the last to speak. Unfortunately Mr. Snowden lost his composure after I spoke. I will wear that as a badge of honor.

I do hope you will consider watching this. Many of us are putting so much effort into this to save you and yours from the suffering so many are already enduring. Here is the link:


For those of you in the Bay area we have many exciting events on the horizon.

“Disconnect- the truth behind cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it and how to protect your family” by Devra Davis is being released by Penguin this week! She has dedicated the book to several victims, including Alan.

October 2 at 2 p.m: Planning party at private home in Berkeley

Oct. 5-8: Peaceful demonstration outside Moscone Center as CTIA holds their last convention in San Francisco. Not only are they suing the city over the  but they have pulled future conventions!

October 6, noon Devra Davis speaking at Commonwealth Club in San Francisco at noon- tickets can be purchased online (I will be speaking with her for a few minutes)

October 6, 6pm: Dinner and press conference with victims from across the nation, legislators, and experts

October 7, 6:30 pm: Cocktail party at private home in Marin with Devra Davis and state Senator Mark Leno,  a proponent of cell phone legislation

October 11, 7pm: Berkeley Jewish Community Center Panel discussion – Lloyd Morgan, Devra Davis and I will speak on many aspects of this issue

For those of you who are local we truly need your help. We do this work for you. Please call me (925-285-5437) or email me for further details as to addresses, etc.

Please plan on attending some of the events and helping with the planning party and a short shift at Moscone Center. Bring the family- we will have fun!

Thanks, Ellie


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