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EMF-Omega-News 19. November 2011

Unexplained increases in brain cancer in nations with longer term cellphone use
The ongoing mystery of the magnetosensing cows
Cell phone radiation and institutional corruption addressed

How the Telecom Industry Seeks to Confuse About the Dangers of Cell Phones

Smart Meters Raise Privacy, Health Concerns

Why risk your health with a mobile phone?

Sprowston residents angry about new mobile phone mast

People people thwarts mast plans

Frankie Boyle wins phone mast fight

Residents get council to reject cellphone tower

Anger in Bedworth over new phone mast

DoT gets PAC call: Monitor harmful radiation

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EMF-Omega-News 24. September 2011

Bioelectromagnetic phenomena are affected by aggregates of many radiofrequency photons

Pulsed digital microwave radiation from cell phones can be harmful

Electrosensitivity: A patient with skin abnormalities looking like burns

Breast cancer sufferer’s fury over approved mobile phone masts

Radiation protection in conflict with science

Non declared conflict of interests: how many are there?

Ignoring the effects of electrosmog is unsafe, unwise, and expensive

How concerned are you about wireless devices‘ effects on your health?

Wi-Fi in Schools: Testing for Microwave Radiation Dangers in the Classroom

Beware of That Which is Not Discussed

Smart meters are dangerous to us

Teresa Treacy Ordered to Jail over ESB Powerlines

Coseley phone mast plan set to be approved

Homeowners raise protests over smart meters

Community Advisory Board op-ed: A towering health issue

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Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

For your information.

Best regards,
Klaus Rudolph
Citizens’ Initiative Omega
Member of the Buergerwelle Germany (incorporated society)
Protectorate Union of the Citizens and Initiatives for the Protection against Electrosmog


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EMF-Omega-News 13. August 2011

The JNCI Study by Aydin et al on Risk of Childhood Brain Cancer from Cellphone Use Reveals Serious Health Problems

Smart Meter raises concern for children and pregnant women

Environmentalists warn of cancer if wireless Internet goes on buses

Shell oil warns about cellphones

Cell Phone notification – Smart Meter Protest Filing

Local Concern Over Smart Meter Installations

Accrington residents see off phone mast bid

Phone mast rejected

South Leeds: Beeston health fear over mast plan

Motorcycle Cancer Risk Petition for ELF EMF Radiation Emission Control for Rider Safety Worldwide

Radiation Overdose at the Airport

Healthcare professionals, preparing for a mass casualty radiological or nuclear incident

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Distance and wisdom, the cell phone mitigation technique

Brain tumors are among many medical conditions...

brain tumor

As read in Natural News:

After years of denials, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now admitting that mobile phones do cause cancer after all. It’s now official: Holding an active cell phone next to your head can give you brain tumors.

All of us who have been warning about this for years were, of course, blasted as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet again, it turns out we were absolutely right. Just as we’re right about the toxicity of fluoride in the water, aspartame in the diet soda and the dangerous side effects of GMOs in the food supply. The WHO remains at least ten years behind what holistic health advocates already know on a variety of subjects.

Read more about the WHO’s announcement that mobile phone use promotes brain tumors:

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EMF-Omega-News 4. June 2011

Mobile phone radiation is a possible cancer risk, says WHO

Adverse health effects of exposure to power frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMFs)

How Electromagnetically Induced Cell Leakage May Cause Autism

New study confirms cell phone exposure damages DNA, brain and sperm

Can WiFi Make You Sick?

Misuse of funds at the American and Canadian Cancer Society

Karolinska Institute teaches science world a lesson in politics: Shut up or get out

‘Cellphones, TV came that close to killing me’

Cellphone study raises profile on safety lawsuits

Supreme Court Ponders Cell Phone-Cancer Lawsuits

Should cell phone radiation be cause for alarm?

Expert says restrict mobile phone use

Thorley Park residents teams up to fight O2 mobile mast plans

Campaign to stop mobile phone mast plans for conservation area

Mobile phone masts a health hazard

Mobile phone masts ‘blighting our town’

Residents fight plans for third phone mast

Phone mast plan ‘could effect house values’

Victory for phone mast protestors

T-Mobile disguises phone mast as a fir tree

WHO Wireless: Cancer Link a Game Changer for Smart Meters

Warning over 4G and TV interference

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EMF-Omega-News 30. April 2011

Link between EMF and human disease, radiation in Ireland 1,000 times higher than recommendation

Important Information on the Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies

Cell Phones, WiFi and Health Effects

Cell Phones, Microwaves And The Human Health Threat

Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer?

An employee of France Telecom immolated himself in Merignac

Colony collapse disorder continues to worry

Smart Meter Harm?

Infant Monitors and Childhood Leukemia

Corporate Criminal Liability

Criminal Investigation Request of Health Canada and Industry Canada

Wi-Fi concerned parents: We are not going away

Mobile mast health fears for Crowthorne

Plan for telecom mast near school is rejected

Residents protest over plans for phone mast

Cambuslang residents hit out at mast plan

Objections to plans for new mobile masts

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EMF-Omega-News 26. March 2011

Score chart showing the star rating bands for ...

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Health Effects of our ‘Wireless World

Wireless radiation is interfering with our natural body frequency

Is Cell Phone Radiation Weakening the Brain?

Mobile radiation can weaken your eyesight

Wearing Phone on Belt Linked to Decreased Bone Mineral Density in the Hip

Science being abused

Keep Your Children Safe

Report of lawyers meeting at EU Parliament in Brussels the 25th January, 2011

ICNIRP DRAFT Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Incoherent Visible and Infrared Radiation

Corporation plans to bring mobile towers under tax net soon

Celebrity backing for battle to block mast plan

Health fears over possible phone mast

Caution needed over phone masts

LOUGHTON: Fears over districts latest phone mast plans

Some Worry About ‘Smart Meters’

Smart Technology Not So Smart?

4G Networks Raising Havoc on Swedens Railway System

Japan and its special fear of radiation

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