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Does being in denial serve you best?

embrace or deny; you choose and accept responsibility. no blame game.

  • ask ourselves if being in denial about things that hurt us, protect us?
  • if you know you are allergic to peanuts, do you consume or avoid them?
  • when you see proof that cigarettes kill, do you smoke or quit?
  • you know wireless technology is harming you; do you protect yourself or remain frozen (immovable) in denial, by choice?

We are referencing the plethora of wireless devices, technology, satellites 23,000 miles from the earth creating these high level frequencies far beyond the norms of all living matter.

We are proving DNA changes, harmful effects and fatal results.  How many decades do we jeopardize our children and Grands before the FCC etc protect us?

CSea Perkins

EMFJournal creator / moderator



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Could Wireless Antennas Be the Next Asbestos?

September 14, 2010

Read the entire article by Gloria Vogel in the September 13, 2010 issue of Business Insurance.


Ms. Vogel is the managing director of New York-based Vogel Capital Management.  She begins her analysis stating:

. . . an issue that mimics asbestos and is being ignored by insurers could soon hit their pocketbooks. Simply stated, everyone’s favorite form of wireless communication and commerce depends on radio frequency-producing base station antennas, which emit radio waves and microwaves that can harm humans.

Few insurance claims have been filed to date; but in all respects, RF radiation closely tracks with the early development of asbestos claims.

She continues:

Based upon data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and U.S. Census Bureau, it is estimated that as many as 250,000 workers a year are compelled to work in close proximity and in front of RF transmitting antennas. When combined with the 15 years this issue has been in existence, the pool of potential claimants could be staggering.

Ms. Vogel clearly delineates the breadth of the issue in her definition of “the wireless ecosystem:”

The wireless ecosystem should not be confused with the much smaller commercial telecom industry. The wireless ecosystem encompasses all FCC licensees (federal, state, local and commercial), site owners, property managers, contractors, third-party workers, the utility industry, hospitals, schools and universities, church organizations, banks/financial institutions, and the insurance industry. It involves every person or entity that may be physically or financially harmed by RF radiation.

Ms. Vogel explains how workers’ antenna exposure differs from cellphone exposure and references the legal precedent from Alaska  that awarded total disability to a worker whose antenna exposure only slightly exceeded the FCC RF radiation safety limit:

The significance of this topic is overlooked by insurers because of confusion between the harmful effects of cell phones and the damage caused by wireless antennas. Because there is no proven link yet established between cell phones and cancer, insurers see little exposure from this risk.

However, there is a marked difference between radiation exposure from cell phones and exposure from wireless antenna systems: The antennas are hundreds of times more powerful. More importantly, there already is peer-reviewed science from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers linking RF radiation exposure to cognitive injuries.

In addition, legal precedent has been established for such claims in AT&T Alascom and Ward North America Inc. vs. John Orchitt; State of Alaska, Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Workers’ Compensation. The July 2007 ruling affirmed a 100% disability award to a worker exposed to RF radiation that only slightly exceeded the FCC human exposure limits.

By doing so, the Alaska Supreme Court established a legal precedent that recognizes the causal link between an RF radiation exposure and cognitive or psychological injuries including reduced brain function, memory loss, sleep disorders, mood disorders and depression.

Ms. Vogel concludes by encouraging the insurance industry to be proactive about worker RF radiation safety and push for a solution from the private sector rather than to wait for government to act:

The insurance industry tends to look backwards at historical claims to project future losses. In cases of emerging risk such as the issue of third-party worker overexposure to RF radiation, it would be far better for the industry to be anticipatory rather than reactive, as claims could develop quickly. It would be in the industry’s best interests to pre-empt the plaintiffs’ bar on this issue and secure a safe workplace for those third-party workers.

P.O. Box 117 | Marshfield, VT 05658 US

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Wi-Fi: Are you worried about possible health risks?

  • August 25, 2010 3:44 PM
  • By POV


Earlier this month, school administrators in Ontario’s Simcoe County decided not to turn off wireless internet in classrooms despite complaints from parents who suspect their children are being made ill by the Wi-Fi.

There’s a debate in the scientific community about whether radiation from wireless communications could pose health risks. Some studies suggest Wi-Fi may cause neurological and cardiac symptoms, but other researchers insist the concerns are unfounded.

Dan Krewski, director of the McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa, told CBC Radio’s Metro Morning that so far, the medical evidence is reassuring. There have been thousands of research papers on the potential health effects of the type of radiation emitted by Wi-Fi and cellphones, he said, and overall, they show no cause for concern.

A day earlier, British physicist Barrie Trower had shared an opposite view with Metro Morning. Trower, who advised the British Secret Service on the use of microwave weapons during the Cold War, thinks parents are right to worry.

Read more.

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New Housing Non-Profit addressing Environmental Sensitivities

Thank you to J. Genser whom posted for repost globally.



New Housing Non-Profit Forming with Focus on Environmental Sensitivities

Snowflake, Arizona USA – June 7, 2010 – Re|shelter is a new non-profit organization forming to address the urgent need for housing alternatives for people with environmental intolerances, who experience mild to life-threatening physical reactions to extremely low levels of chemicals, mold, electrical fields, and other environmental factors and have great difficulty living in their conventionally built homes.

Currently applying for 501(c)3 status, the charitable organization is committed to addressing the global housing crisis and high rates of homelessness and suicide within vulnerable populations affected by disabling environmental sensitivities. Their activities will include fundraising, awarding housing aid grants, facilitating the design and construction of healthy homes and communities, and using the arts to promote awareness.

Co-founders Julie Genser and Julie Laffin formed the charity because “the need is so great, and no one else is doing it,” says Genser. Genser and Laffin are hoping to direct funding from government and the private sector to help prevent homelessness and further suffering for those unable to secure safe housing due to their own limited resources. Both Genser and Laffin were disabled by severe chemical, electrical and other environmental sensitivities within the last six years and have a firsthand understanding of the housing struggle for this population. The two met online four years ago in a group for artists with chemical sensitivities.

Genser and Laffin will comprise the Board of Directors. The Advisory Board has 16 notable members with experience working in related fields, or with the illness itself, including William J. Rea, M.D., a pioneer in environmental medicine and safer housing construction, Pamela Reed-Gibson, Ph.D., an author and researcher of the life impacts of environmental sensitivities, Magda Havas, Ph.D., an expert on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, Carl Grimes, President of the Indoor Air Quality Association, Bennie Howard, the former director of the Office of Disability at HUD, Susan Molloy, a long-time disability rights activist, and Paula Baker-Laporte, an architect experienced in building for those with environmental sensitivities.

Some of the group’s planned projects include awarding home renovation grants to eligible individuals, construction of a clean air community as well as an emergency shelter, and an architecture school outreach program that educates students while collaborating on re|shelter’s projects.

Genser studied Design and Environmental Analysis/Interior Design at Cornell University and coordinated construction projects prior to getting ill. She had just become certified in permaculture and ecovillage design, and was enrolled in an intensive 4-month sustainable architecture semester at ECOSA Institute when she became severely disabled by environmental illness and had to drop out of the program. She has unique insight into re|shelter’s target population: the last five years she has moved seven times in search of safe housing that did not severely affect her health.

Laffin also knows the struggle of finding safe housing; she searches each summer for a place to escape the aerial crop spraying in her home county in northern Illinois. Driven by compassion and personal insight into the particular problem of housing for those with environmental illness, the two are very excited to be taking this important step, as there is no other organization in existence today that is solely focused on housing solutions for those with environmental intolerances.

Contact: support@reshelter.org | http://reshelter.org

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Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity published

Yes, we can mail to the USA, scroll down for payment details. Your bank will issue a money order or bank cheque issued in sterling ££s and the book costs £12 per copy to include postage to North

best wishes
Sarah Dacre


Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity – A Summary by Michael

Michael Bevington, Chair of Trustees of ES-UK, has written a 43 page book designed primarily for doctors, but also suitable for all of us to present to family, friends, colleagues and MPs, among others. It outlines ES, its symptoms and existing medical tests in 16 pages followed by some 800 references to scientific papers relating to this illness.

this Summary may include the following new aspects.
* = perhaps of the greatest importance

1. This may be the first English overview of ES and EHS since A. & J.
Philips (2006) Electrical Hypersensitivity: A Modern Illness and N.
Irvine (2005) Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical
Sensitivity (see notes 18 and 19, page 17). It is has more extensive
references than either earlier report to the published literature,
especially peer-reviewed studies, with some 800 references.

*2. This may be the first attempt in English to distinguish the three
conditions, ES, EHS and EMF Neurosis. See Section 1 (page 5).

*3. This may be the first attempt to draw together the new techniques
for the diagnosis of EHS using pathological markers developed by
several medical laboratories over the last few years. See Section 4
(page 8).

*4. This may be the first attempt to provide a brief history of medical
research into ES and EHS, including the wide variety of names which
have been used by different governmental classification bodies and in
scientific studies. See Section 10 (page 14).

*5. This may provide the first easily accessible list of international
guidelines, both biological and thermal, including the Building Biology
Evaluation Guidelines, published in English. See Section 11 (page 15).

*6. This may be the first English report on EHS to use the study by
Huttunen et al. (2009) showing spontaneous hand movements apparently
caused by Radio Frequencies. See Section 1A (page 5) and note 4 (page

7. This may be the first accessible printed English summary of Hecht
and Balzer’s review of the developmental stages of EHS. See Section 7
(page 11).

8. This may be the first attempt in English to attempt to elucidate
with references co-morbity with EHS and to show patterns of other
bio-electromagnetic effects including disease associations across the
range of frequencies. See Section 9 (page 13).

9. This Summary includes an extensive and referenced list of many
relevant established mechanisms among the sub-thermal bio-effects of
EMFs. See Section 8 (page 12).

10. This may be the first English publication highlighting studies
showing the prevalence of doctors accepting EHS and ES as medical
conditions. See Section 6 (page 10).

11. This may be the first generalised attempt to explain the inherent
failure of many conscious psychological provocation tests, particularly
on the grounds of failure to define EHS, failure to distinguish between
ES and EHS, failure to distinguish between EHS and EMF Neurosis,
failure to screen effectively people claiming to be EHS, failure to
support conscious or subconscious psychological reactions with
established pathological markers, failure to allow fully for
confounding factors such as latency timings and synergistic causes, and
failure to apply an appropriate statistical analysis if conscious
reactions occur only on as few as 10% of provocations. See Section 6
(page 10).

12. This may be the first attempt in English to outline cost savings to
the NHS in the prompt and correct diagnosis of EHS. See Forward (page

A £10 donation payable to ES-UK, will buy a copy of the book, which
will be mailed to you (UK) please send £12 for mailings to North
America and Australia.

Either make payment via the ES-UK web site internet donation button at
www.es-uk.info and send a confirming email with your preferred mailing
address details, to media@es-uk.info.

Or please mail a cheque payable to ES-UK with your own personal address
details to:

London WC1N 3XX

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Key resources and sounds of EMF

Source: As noted in the tags when published earlier, but finally getting time to devote gratitude and elaborate on the author.

This contributor is t.unrelated@googlemail.com.  We know him as Tom Unrelated but read all of his updates  We desire to pass on his education to as large an audience as possible; we respectfully request you share with those you care about as well.

This gentleman is a continual source of  information posted in this blog.  His exhaustive work on collecting, formatting, giving extremely easy access to thousands of hours of collective research.

Eternally grateful, as we hope you readers are, for the education provided in the Yahoo, Google, Facebook and WWW.  If there are other authors, we are proud to share your hard work in honor of saving lives.  Awareness + Acceptance = Action.


EMF Sounds

Each electromagnetic source has it’s own characteristic sound, which is demodulated by broadband-meters to allow evaluating the source from the sound. Although GSM-900 and GSM-1800 can’t be differentiated by their sound as it is the same. Other sources are easily detectable, here are a couple of examples. If you’d like to listen to some other source, please contact us.

Use the embedded Player Embedded MP3 Player to listen or download the file (right click the download button below the embedded Player, chose “Save Link/Target as…”

Name Sound
HAARP High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Download/Telecharge File
TETRA TErrestrial Trunked Radio (government agencies, emergency services, (Police, Fire Departments, Ambulance), rail transportation staff, transport services and Military. TETRA BasestationDownload/Telecharge File
GSM 2. Generation Mobile Phone GSM Mobile PhoneDownload/Telecharge File
GSM 2. Generation Mobile Phone Base Station Transmitter (BST) GSM BasestationDownload/Telecharge File
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication (Common technology wireless phones at home use, max. 400 meter distance) DECT Base FarDownload/Telecharge File

DECT Base Near

Download/Telecharge File

UMTS (3G) Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (3. Generation), Base Station (Node-B) UMTS (3G) BasestationDownload/Telecharge File
WLAN/WiFi Wireless Local Area Network/Wireless Fidelity (Wireless computer network for short distance (max. 100 meters), such as Internet Connection at home) WLAN/WiFi Router Stand-ByDownload/Telecharge File
Bluetooth Proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances using microwaves. Bluetooth StandbyDownload/Telecharge File

Bluetooth Working

Download/Telecharge File

WiMAX Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (wireless computer network for medium distance up to a few/couple kilometer/miles) Download/Telecharge File

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Compelling audio on the cell phone . cancer controversy

Extremely low non-ionizing radiation for periods of time may sound non threatening; however, you should be very concerned.

Compelling audio interview on this topic worth your time.  You need to allocate 45 + / – minutes to hear both cellphone questions and wireless technology questions answered by the panel of experts.

Personally, I found it quite interesting how some of the panelists ‘dance around’ the direct questions.  Strong evidence of lack of knowledge and knowingly allowing this damage to continue.  Unacceptable!

The oxygen loss to the red blood cells when holding / texting / speakerphone use were not addressed.  Example blood tests reveal that a 15 minute call call takes an adult 2 hours to recover from the oxygen loss.

To say a multiple cracked iPhone face would not increase radiation exposure frightens me.  Certainly the higher frequency comes from the back of  the phone where the battery is.  NOTE: if you must wear your cell / mobile / cordless phone, point the battery away from your body.

Blake Levitt was particularly strong about the biological effects to all living matter from wireless technology.  Science backing up the cell tower : cancer relationship.

We welcome and encourage your comments on this interview.

The solution we chose works with the 3G technology by doubling up the green-8.  The science continues; as do the technological solutions to technologies dangers.  Oh boy!

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