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Effects of my hidden dental metals

As background to my own experience (Shivani Arjuna), please note the comments of Dr. Klinghardt, founder of The Institute for Neurobiology in Seattle, Wa, an expert in the health consequences of electromagnetic fields and  a leading educator for physicians in U.S. and Europe.

“Some of us (and I am part of that group of physicians) believe that electromagnetic radiation and its deep biological effects in the body are affecting everybody. It is just a matter of degree and of quantity. We do know from research, from Dr. Amora in NY, that there is a synergistic effect between heavy metals deposited in the central nervous system from, for example mercury or lead toxity, and electromagnetic fields.”

“Metals stored in the central nervous system act like an antennae that concentrate electromagnetic fields in the central nervous system and then the effects of that are more devastating than in people that have a clean central nervous system.  That is pretty firmly established.  However who becomes toxic with heavy metals also involves a genetic component.  There are people that have impaired enzymes of detoxification very often caused not necessarily by increased exposure toxic metals, but by defective genes. That number of people is going up tremendously. That is true of most austic children and most children of behavioral problems and so forth.  That number is closer now to 20-25% of the population.”

Dr. Klinghardt states that it is “more like 8% of the population that is aware they are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. The other 92% is easily affected, but in a more quiet way and may not know that the breast cancer is coming from the exposure to nightime electromagnetic fields in the home or that their hormonal problems or low testosterone is caused by the ambient electrical fields at home.

The patient with ALS or MS may not be aware that the silently creeping advancement of the illness is greatly contributed to by the electromagnetic fields of the home. So you really have a distinct line between where
the symptoms are obviously caused by electrosmog and where it may be more clandestine, more hidden where the symtoms are caused by electromagnetic fields in a more silent way.”  [BTW, we know someone who was diagnosed with ALS whose symptoms were reversed when he learned to avoid exposure to harmful electromagnetic frequencies. -Shivani]

You can hear the interview with Dr. Klinghardt by clicking on the link to it at:

Several other excellent interviews are also posted there.

Here’s the info. about my own recent experience.

Even dentists who are aware that mercury is toxic use other metals they believe to be safe, which are not. Many of us have such dental metals that we are not even aware of, as they are not visible to us.

Some non-mercury composite filling materials contain metal oxides as colorant.  This metal may leach into your body. Its presence in a tooth has an energy effect on your body.  In addition, even your holistic dentist may have
added a metal pin or two when filling a tooth, with the purpose of stabilizing a large filling.

I recently discovered that I have titanium pins screwed into several of my teeth.  (Once in, a surrounding, opaque metal-oxide filling makes them impossible to see, even in x-rays.)  “Oh, they are completely nontoxic,” I was told
by the office of the dentist who had put them in with all good intentions. That they are wonderful receiving antennae simply did not occur to him.

Dr. Douglas Cook of Suring, WI is part of a research program that enables him to use electrodermal testing with the tolerance, if not the blessing, of the FDA.  The testing involves sending an electrical current to a specific tooth or area of the jaw.   If the system is in balance, the body returns an equal flow of current.  Where imbalance is present, the return flow will be weak.

This testing indicated a problem with a tooth of mine that had become extremely sensitive to touch or any temperature change.   I was also experiencing inexplicable deterioration of vision in the eye just above that tooth, compared to my other eye, so I decided to have Dr. Cook remove the old filling material, which was the kind with some metal in it.   He discovered that there was also a titanium pin screwed down into the base of the tooth.   Within 24 hours of his removing the pin and the old filling, the vision in my eye improved. Previously, I had not been able to read with that eye alone.  Now I can.

What really knocked my proverbial socks off, though, was the realization about a week later that chronic, inexplicable, very disconcerting spasms of a particular spot in my intestines, on the same side of the body as that tooth, had stopped occurring.

These spasms had begun several years ago, during a time when I experienced a general health collapse that later turned out to be directly related to my exposure to “dirty electricity.”   (Health-damaging frequencies being delivered to our homes along with our 60Hz.  These higher frequencies, are biologically active in a very detrimental way, causing a wide range of neurological, cardiac, respiratory, dermatological, ophthalmologic and other symptoms.

At the time of my collapse and through the first months of my recovery as we cleared our home of more and more of this invisible pollution, I was a walking detector of dirty electricity.   If I went near a hidden source, such as a
computer behind a wall in an office suite, I’d instantly have intestinal spasms.   My more severe sympoms cleared up after we were able to bring the level of electrical pollution down in our home.  However, perhaps due to the fact that our electrical neutral is overloaded, we have never been able to bring the level of electrical pollution down to 20 GS (Graham Stetzer) units, the level at which symptoms are rarely triggered, these spasms remained chronic.   If I received much exposure during the day, particularly if I had visited an area away from home where I was exposed to a higher level of electrical pollution or communications frequencies, I’d have a lot of spasms that night and be unable to sleep.

What was so disconcerting about these spasms was that they were so intense they shook my chest area, thud! thud! thud! with a sensation remarkably similar to what I’d experienced when I had had preatrial cardiac syndrome before
we had become educated abut electrical pollution and mitigated our house. I had experienced such severe cardiac symptoms on two occasions that I had been rushed to the ER by ambulance.  So, for the past several years, every time my gut would spasm I’d tense up, due to a post-traumatic stress reaction.

We are talking about several years of these spasms, and many things tried in hopes of stopping them, to no avail.    Because of a tiny titanium pin and/or a bit of metal oxide.

A third change that occurred within days of the pin  being removed was the disappearance of a good-sized senile keratosis that had been on my shoulder near the tooth with the pin in it.  It happens that I had had my doctor look at
that, to see if it might be carcinogenic, so this is also a matter of my medical record.

A fourth change, noted a few weeks after removal of the composite and the pin, is that though I had been experiencing chronic and severe nightly cramping of the calf and foot on the side of my body where the pin was located, these cramps are now both infrequent and of greatly reduced severity.

Now I have noticed yet a 5th change, which is that I no longer have the chronic runny nose that had bothered me for years.

All of this, of course, may be argued to be mere coincidence. However, if this were your own experience, what would you conclude?

You may want to check out Dr. Doug Cook’s websites:
http://www.dentistryhealth.com and http://www.metalpoison.net


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