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The Complexities of EMF

High Energy

Image by Tanozzo via Flickr

Special thank you to EMR Aware for posting the following information.

The following document indicates 5 different parameters of EMF’s:
It doesn’t mention the wideband emissions detectable by AM radio though, so I think that makes 6 categories of EMF.

When finding a place with lower EMF from one of these aspects, how often have we accidentally increased another aspect of EMF?

1. Wireless (MHz / GHz) – RF meter / electrosmog meter
Cell phone, cordless phone, Wi-Fi, wireless keyboard/mouse, etc.

2. Wideband emissions – kHz, etc. frequencies – AM radio
CFL and CCFL, dimmer switch, plasma TV, fluorescent lighting, etc.

3. AC Electric – electric meter / body voltage meter / voltage tester
Unshielded wires in walls (always on), unshielded appliance wires

4. AC Magnetic – gaussmeter
from running electricity in appliances, and sometimes caused by wiring errors

5. Static Electric
Synthetic materials, low humidity

6. Static Magnetic
Magnetized steel – bed frames, mattresses, etc.

SOURCE:  emraware [emraware@yahoo.com]


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