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Distance and wisdom, the cell phone mitigation technique

Brain tumors are among many medical conditions...

brain tumor

As read in Natural News:

After years of denials, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now admitting that mobile phones do cause cancer after all. It’s now official: Holding an active cell phone next to your head can give you brain tumors.

All of us who have been warning about this for years were, of course, blasted as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet again, it turns out we were absolutely right. Just as we’re right about the toxicity of fluoride in the water, aspartame in the diet soda and the dangerous side effects of GMOs in the food supply. The WHO remains at least ten years behind what holistic health advocates already know on a variety of subjects.

Read more about the WHO’s announcement that mobile phone use promotes brain tumors:


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EMF-Omega-News 7. May 2011

With metal coated partitions for interference ...

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Hearing loss: GSM, CDMA equally risky

Previously unaccounted mechanism proposed for cell phone radiation damage

Up to 30 Times the Cancer Risk From This `Indispensable’ Daily Tool

In God We Trust, All Others Must Provide Data: Cell Phones and the Brain

‘Smart’ meters safe research says, but many see need for more study

Health risks could switch off home energy meters

Smart meters are a bad idea

May is Environmental Sensitivities Month

Knesset meeting on the non-ionizing law regulations

New evidence that bees are being affected by mobile communication

Community Against Mobile Phone Tower in Quakers Hill

Mast plan sparks child health fears

Health concerns over phone mast

Residents fear effects of phone tower

Muswell Hill residents fight telecoms giants over phone mast

Fresh bid for phone mast

You may be exposed to levels greater than the safety limit

Talking to the Wall

Next-up News Nr 1686

News from Mast Sanity

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EMF-Omega-News 16. April 2011

Logo of the United States Federal Communicatio...

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Biological Effects and Health Implications of Microwave Radiation

Research on Biological Effects of Radio Frequency Radiation in Eurasian Communist Countries

The depth of penetration of radiation into tissue is a function of frequency with greater penetration at lower frequencies

The radiation fall-out

Can Cell Phones Fry Your Brain?

On Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies

Environmental Health Trust Charges Federal Communications Commission with Stonewalling Freedom Of Information Act Request

Mandatory SAR labeling on French cell phones this April 15

Submit your Comment to the FCC to preserve landline telephone service

Canadian Citizen Groups Launch Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Safety Initiatives

One-woman campaign against Surbiton phone mast

BWCA cellphone tower lawsuit heads to trial

Bid for 15 metre phone mast near healthy hub and school prompts protest

Mobile towers in Mohali’s housing areas stay put

Poor reception for phone mast go ahead

Vodafones masts plan for Lymington and Pennington rejected

Mixed reception for phone mast proposals

Objection to mobile phone masts

TRAIs green telecom efforts not sufficient, say experts

News from Mast Sanity

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EMF-Omega-News 19. March 2011

breast cancer surgery in 18. century

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Environmental Impact Assessment for Base Stations and Antennas

Modification of clinically important neurotransmitters under the influence of modulated high-frequency fields

NEW Studies Reveal Alarming Hidden Cause of Breast Cancer

Cell Phone Brain Tumors Lawsuit

Phone users’ exposure to radiation injurious, say experts

Continue to care for the sparrow

Mobile Phone Masts Are Dangerous

Cell Phones Not Safe?

Residents Oppose Cell Tower at Britannia; BZA Puts Off Decision

Locals hit back in university mast row

Angry Carlisle residents protest over phone mast plan

Hinckley and Burbage residents uniting in a fight over mast plans

There is plenty of evidence that smart meters make people sick

Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network (IERVN)

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Next-up News Nr 1646

News from Mast Sanity

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International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

Newer retrofit US domestic digital single-phas...

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EMR-Updates by Paul Doyon

December 13th – December 19th, 2010

The Newsletter of the International Coalition for an Electromagnetic Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

Education! Awareness! Support! Action!

(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)

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EMR-Updates November 14th, 2010

A Wi-Fi detector

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International Coalition for an Electromagnetic-Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

Education! Awareness! Support! Action!

(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)

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FCC Wireless Devices and Health Concerns

On November 5, 2009, the FCC released their Consumer Facts on “Wireless Devices and Health Concerns” (http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/mobilephone.html)

In this document, under “Recent Developments” the FCC recommends precaution for the use of cell phones as listed below. It is clear that the September 2009 Senate Hearings had an influence.  Unfortunately this received no publicity that I am aware of and it should be front page news across the country.

Please forward this to interested parties and congratulations to those who participated at the Senate Hearing on Cell Phones last September. See http://YouTube.com/cseaperkins for full video.


Wireless Devices and Health Concerns FCC
Consumer Facts

Current Exposure Limits

Since 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has required that all wireless communications devices sold in the United States meet minimum guidelines for safe human exposure to radio frequency (RF) energy. The FCC relies on the expertise of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other federal health, safety and environmental agencies to help determine safe levels for human exposure to RF energy.

In adopting its guidelines for RF exposure, the FCC considered opinions from these agencies as well as limits recommended by two non-profit, expert organizations, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP).

The FCC’s guidelines specify exposure limits for hand-held wireless devices in terms of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). The SAR is a measure of the rate that RF energy is absorbed by the body. For exposure to RF energy from wireless devices, the allowable FCC SAR limit is 1.6 watts per kilogram (W/kg), as averaged over one gram of tissue.

The FCC approves all wireless devices sold in the US. If the FCC determines that exposure from an approved wireless device exceeds its guidelines, it can withdraw its approval. In addition, if the FDA determines that RF exposure from a device is hazardous, it can require the manufacturer of the device to notify users of the health hazard and to repair, replace, or recall the device.

Several US government agencies and international organizations work cooperatively to monitor the health effects of RF exposure. According to the FDA, to date the weight of scientific evidence has not linked exposure to radio frequency energy from mobile devices with any health problems.

Recent Developments

Recent reports by some health and safety interest groups have suggested that wireless device use can be linked to cancer and other illnesses. These questions have become more pressing as more and younger people are using the devices, and for longer periods of time. No scientific evidence currently establishes a definite link between wireless device use and cancer or other illnesses, but almost all parties debating the risks of using wireless devices agree that more and longer-term studies are needed. After listening to several expert witnesses, a United States Senate committee recently came to this same conclusion.

What You Can Do

Even though no scientific evidence currently establishes a definite link between wireless device use and cancer or other illnesses, some parties recommend taking the precautions listed below. When considering these precautions, remember that your wireless device only emits RF energy when you are using it and that the closer the device is to you, the more energy you will absorb. Also, some parties assert that any potential health risks are probably greater for children than for adults. Finally, some experts think that low frequency magnetic fields rather than RF energy measured by the SAR possibly are responsible for any potential risk associated with wireless devices. The precautions are:

  • Use an earpiece or headset. While wired earpieces may conduct some energy to the head and wireless earpieces also emit a small amount of RF energy, both wired and wireless earpieces remove the greatest source of RF energy from proximity to the head and thus can greatly reduce total exposure to the head. Avoid continually wearing a wireless earpiece when not in use.
  • If possible, keep wireless devices away from your body when they are on, mainly by not attaching them to belts or carrying them in pockets.
  • Use the cell phone speaker to reduce exposure to the head.
  • Consider texting rather than talking, but don’t text while you are driving.
  • Buy a wireless device with lower SAR. The FCC does not require manufacturers to disclose the RF exposure from their devices. Many manufacturers, however, voluntarily provide SAR  values. You can find links to manufacturer Web sites providing these SAR values on the FCC’s Web site at www.fcc.gov/cgb/sar. Note that the variation in SAR from one mobile device to the next is relatively small compared to the reduction that can be achieved by using an earpiece or headset.

Other Risks

Some studies have shown that wireless devices might interfere with implanted cardiac pacemakers if used within eight inches of the pacemaker. Pacemaker users may want to avoid placing or using a wireless device this close to their pacemaker.

For More Information

For information about other communications issues, visit the FCC’s Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau Web site at www.fcc.gov/cgb, or contact the FCC’s Consumer Center by e-mailing fccinfo@fcc.gov; calling 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY; faxing 1-866-418-0232; or writing to:

Federal Communications Commission
Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
445 12th Street, SW
Washington, D.C. 20554.

For this or any other consumer publication in an accessible format (electronic ASCII text, Braille, large print, or audio) please write or call us at the address or phone number below, or send an e-mail to FCC504@fcc.gov.

To receive information on this and other FCC consumer topics through the Commission’s electronic subscriber service, visit www.fcc.gov/cgb/contacts/.

This document is for consumer education purposes only and is not intended to affect any proceedings or cases involving this subject matter or related issues.

Federal Communications Commission · Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau · 445 12th St. S.W. ·Washington, DC 20554
1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)  · TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)  · Fax: 1-866-418-0232 · www.fcc.gov/cgb/

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