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Does being in denial serve you best?

embrace or deny; you choose and accept responsibility. no blame game.

  • ask ourselves if being in denial about things that hurt us, protect us?
  • if you know you are allergic to peanuts, do you consume or avoid them?
  • when you see proof that cigarettes kill, do you smoke or quit?
  • you know wireless technology is harming you; do you protect yourself or remain frozen (immovable) in denial, by choice?

We are referencing the plethora of wireless devices, technology, satellites 23,000 miles from the earth creating these high level frequencies far beyond the norms of all living matter.

We are proving DNA changes, harmful effects and fatal results.  How many decades do we jeopardize our children and Grands before the FCC etc protect us?

CSea Perkins

EMFJournal creator / moderator



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Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity published

Yes, we can mail to the USA, scroll down for payment details. Your bank will issue a money order or bank cheque issued in sterling ££s and the book costs £12 per copy to include postage to North

best wishes
Sarah Dacre


Electro sensitivity and Electro hypersensitivity – A Summary by Michael

Michael Bevington, Chair of Trustees of ES-UK, has written a 43 page book designed primarily for doctors, but also suitable for all of us to present to family, friends, colleagues and MPs, among others. It outlines ES, its symptoms and existing medical tests in 16 pages followed by some 800 references to scientific papers relating to this illness.

this Summary may include the following new aspects.
* = perhaps of the greatest importance

1. This may be the first English overview of ES and EHS since A. & J.
Philips (2006) Electrical Hypersensitivity: A Modern Illness and N.
Irvine (2005) Definition, Epidemiology and Management of Electrical
Sensitivity (see notes 18 and 19, page 17). It is has more extensive
references than either earlier report to the published literature,
especially peer-reviewed studies, with some 800 references.

*2. This may be the first attempt in English to distinguish the three
conditions, ES, EHS and EMF Neurosis. See Section 1 (page 5).

*3. This may be the first attempt to draw together the new techniques
for the diagnosis of EHS using pathological markers developed by
several medical laboratories over the last few years. See Section 4
(page 8).

*4. This may be the first attempt to provide a brief history of medical
research into ES and EHS, including the wide variety of names which
have been used by different governmental classification bodies and in
scientific studies. See Section 10 (page 14).

*5. This may provide the first easily accessible list of international
guidelines, both biological and thermal, including the Building Biology
Evaluation Guidelines, published in English. See Section 11 (page 15).

*6. This may be the first English report on EHS to use the study by
Huttunen et al. (2009) showing spontaneous hand movements apparently
caused by Radio Frequencies. See Section 1A (page 5) and note 4 (page

7. This may be the first accessible printed English summary of Hecht
and Balzer’s review of the developmental stages of EHS. See Section 7
(page 11).

8. This may be the first attempt in English to attempt to elucidate
with references co-morbity with EHS and to show patterns of other
bio-electromagnetic effects including disease associations across the
range of frequencies. See Section 9 (page 13).

9. This Summary includes an extensive and referenced list of many
relevant established mechanisms among the sub-thermal bio-effects of
EMFs. See Section 8 (page 12).

10. This may be the first English publication highlighting studies
showing the prevalence of doctors accepting EHS and ES as medical
conditions. See Section 6 (page 10).

11. This may be the first generalised attempt to explain the inherent
failure of many conscious psychological provocation tests, particularly
on the grounds of failure to define EHS, failure to distinguish between
ES and EHS, failure to distinguish between EHS and EMF Neurosis,
failure to screen effectively people claiming to be EHS, failure to
support conscious or subconscious psychological reactions with
established pathological markers, failure to allow fully for
confounding factors such as latency timings and synergistic causes, and
failure to apply an appropriate statistical analysis if conscious
reactions occur only on as few as 10% of provocations. See Section 6
(page 10).

12. This may be the first attempt in English to outline cost savings to
the NHS in the prompt and correct diagnosis of EHS. See Forward (page

A £10 donation payable to ES-UK, will buy a copy of the book, which
will be mailed to you (UK) please send £12 for mailings to North
America and Australia.

Either make payment via the ES-UK web site internet donation button at
www.es-uk.info and send a confirming email with your preferred mailing
address details, to media@es-uk.info.

Or please mail a cheque payable to ES-UK with your own personal address
details to:

London WC1N 3XX

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Dirty Electricity, dirty power, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Teachers at Middle School getting cancer in California.

For more videos visit http://EMFsolutions.ca

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Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) Mechanisms audio

submitted by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy via Angela Flynn

Hello all:

I gave a talk on the mechanisms by which electro hyper-sensitivity symptoms occur, at a meeting of about 100 EHS sufferers last Saturday.

It was held at the Head Office of Samworth Bros (Makers of Ginster’s pies and many supermarket own-brand ready-meals) whose CEO has severe EHS and had a special EMF-free room constructed for the purpose.

A recording of it can be found at http://electrosensitivityuk.podbean.com/ . Please feel free to pass the link on to anyone you think may be interested.

Best wishes

Andrew (Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy)

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): Desperation for a Denied Illness

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS): Desperation for a Denied Illness

Pistoia, 15th february 2009 – During the night between 14th and 15th February a 48-year old lady, M. from Pistoia in Tuscany, committed suicide because exasperated by a complex disabling condition.

She had a motor disability and a few months ago she started to be extremely reactive to electromagnetic fields and chemicals so she had lost her autonomy and she also suffered for the isolation caused by these sensitivities. The help of friendly people and of patients-organizations was not enough to give her confidence in the future.

M. had a burning sensation in the head and throughout the body, tinnitus in the ears, a feeling of suffocation when she was in contact with a freshly washed fabric or near a computer, a phone or electrical. She could not even use the phone because it caused her headache. These are all very common symptoms for those suffering from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), a condition that, according to medical estimates, affects from 1 to 8% of the population.

M. was in contact with the Association for Chronic Toxic and/or Environmental Injury (AMICA) and the Association of Italian Electro-Hypersensitive people (AIE), which have been trying for months to help the lady as much as possible and had provided scientific evidence to bring to her doctors.

“We know that she had plans to move to the mountains, away from phones, masts and power lines”, Silvia Bigeschi, Vice President and Head of AMICA Tuscany comments.

The lady started to react to electromagnetic fields since last April, shortly after a therapy with electromagnetic stimulation, and she wondered if this could be the cause of her deterioration.

“M. had metal plates in her body that may increase the absorption of electromagnetic fields up to hundreds of times and, according to some scientific studies (Irvine No 2004), these represent a risk factor for EHS”, said Anna
Zucchero, physician and President of Associazione Italiana Electro.

“The ICNIRP guidelines (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) does not specify limits to ensure safety for the population with metal prostheses and we are still waiting, since 10 years ago, that the CENELEC
(European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) determines limits of exposure for these subjects”, Dr. Zucchero adds.

“Many scientists complain
that the current standards do not protect the health of citizens and the European Parliament has recommended last September to review the limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields of ICNIRP precisely because the emergence of diseases like the EHS and MCS”, Francesca Romana Orlando, Vice President of AMICA, comments.

EHS is a recognized disability in Sweden, where there are initiative to overcome “electric barriers” and, similarly, in the United States and in Germany, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is recognized as a physical disability by several administrations. A few months ago the first village for EHS was created in France: www.zoneblanche.fr

According to international associations, such as www.next-up.org or www.microwavenews.com , the non-recognition of this condition worldwide is attributable to the heavy conflict of interests of the leader of the WHO group of
study about electromagnetic fields.

A.M.I.C.A. and A.I.E. believe that the silence of the institutions and their failure in protecting who is suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electrosensibility might be a real crime and the two organization are considering
to take legal action.

“The only investment by the Ministry of Health to the Instituto Superiore di Sanità (the scientific arm of the Ministry) is used for a study about the change the perception of the risk from electromagnetic fields (project CAMELET); this is contrary to the provisions of the law suggesting the need for studies about the health impact”, the President of the Italian EHS complains.

“M. loved the truth, the intellectual honesty and the social commitment: we invite everyone to listen to what she is telling us with her death in order to avoid to others the same suffering she had”, Dr. Zucchero says.

Press contacts:
Silvia Bigeschi
Vice President of A.M.I.C.A.
P.O. Box 3131 – 00121 Roma
Tel. 0039.0572-767884
Anna Zucchero, MD
President of the Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili
via Cadorna n°5 35123 Padova
Tel. 0039.041.908951
Informant: Martin Weatherall

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