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Global TV 16:9 news on CFLs & Dirty Electricity

Dirty Energy and Compact Florescent Bulbs / Lights

“this is reading 580 roughly, so once again we have a really bad bulb”

What is she doing? Well this is Dr. Magda Havas, she’s testing all sorts of bulbs for dirty electricity.

Dirty what?

Dirty electricity.

An expert in her field, basically she measures power quality and radio frequencies that different bulbs give off.

“you see that that has jumped up over 400, so just one light bulb can give very high readings, and there’s no way of knowing that this is worse than the others by just by looking at the package”

She says on her meter for a bulb to be considered clean – it should read less than 50.

“so one light bulb gives 500 can you imagine just four of them, that would put them over to 2000, can I turn it off now?”

a lot of people are responding negatively to these light bulbs. They get headaches; they get other body aches and pains. Some of them have difficulty sleeping they’re tired, some have mood disorders”

All this is controversial – scientists do not agree if people can suffer from what’s called electromagnetic hype sensitivity. Basically getting sick from the electronic devices we use – and the stuff they give off.

But what about the people we met who say they’re suffering – like Larry Newman.

“I was blindsided by it” here’s the thing about Larry Newman – he’s Doctor Newman – a neurologist. And that migraine headache hit him like a truck.

“I can tell you from my experience there’s something about those bulbs that triggered my headaches”

((green bulbs)) at his new York clinic – he’s seeing more and more patients complaining about the compact florescent light bulbs.

“these new light bulbs doc I swear they’re giving me headaches” He knows some will dismiss what he’s saying – they’ll say there’s no scientific evidence linking the bulbs to headaches.

“I can tell you from other patients they definitely see a relationship to exposure to that light bulbs and developing a headache”

One of those patients is Amanda Gabbard.

“right here my forehead feels very warm. and I feel a dull pain behind my eyes, a little bit of dizziness and fatigue” In her home you’ll only find old fashioned incandescents. She got rid of the CFL’s.

“very shocking I am very confused by it. I don’t really understand it, I just know I have to get away from them. so, it’s kind of mind boggling I mean it’s just a light bulb what can it really do, isn’t it supposed to be this great thing … everyone’s doing it” And she can’t escape it, when she took a trip to Italy and stayed in his hotel – her room was loaded with the curly bulbs – instantly she knew.

“and I thought oh no I came all the way to Europe to have this wonderful vacation and it’s going to be ruined”

” we had to take them out immediately “

Dr. Christine Lay – a neurologist and headache expert says people like Amanda prove it is happening – and science needs to catch up.

“I think a lot of times things are introduced and then it’s the people that will being to say, no wait a minute something’s going on here, something’s not right here. So we hope as more people speak up, more scientists will begin to become involved”

Health Canada says ‘yes’ its true CFL’s give off radio frequencies but claim the levels are safe and thousands of times below limits that have been recommended. The lighting companies say their bulbs meet industry standards and are safe. Again, no one would talk to us on camera.

“And Health Canada has a serious responsibility. And they’re not living up to that responsibility. They’re right now just trying to deny that there is a problem without recognizing what they should be doing to actually investigate it rather than just deny it blindly”

Those who suffer say their health problems are real – and there more to it than just headaches

“they were all throughout my house almost every room had a bulb in it” Kevin Byrne says his pain was like having arthritis – so convinced dirty electricity is, well, dirty, he quit his job to test other people’s homes for what he calls electrical pollution – starting with the curly bulbs.

You get closer to the bulb and you can see the significant electrical fields then compared to fluorescent now electricity is going through you body and into ground.

“I know there are a lot of people who are having adverse reaction to them headaches, fatigues, and the chronic pain that I felt”

Magda has heard it all before…the doubts…questioning whether they’re really sick.

“well there’s definitely something there., if you have them in your home, simply turn them off for a few days and find out if your symptoms disappear”

Ok let’s review UV, headaches, skin problems, and of course mercury. The old inefficient light bulbs are being banned in 2012. Manufactures are scrambling to create new ones – the best choice for the future may be these – LED’s – light emitting diodes – no mercury. No health concerns. And WAY more efficient than the curly bulbs. But right now it’s compact fluorescents.

Its reading 27 it doesn’t contribute to dirty electricity at all “they’re doing it for all the right reason, but unfortunately they haven’t been told that these light bulbs in their homes might be making -people sick”


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