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Distance and wisdom, the cell phone mitigation technique

Brain tumors are among many medical conditions...

brain tumor

As read in Natural News:

After years of denials, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now admitting that mobile phones do cause cancer after all. It’s now official: Holding an active cell phone next to your head can give you brain tumors.

All of us who have been warning about this for years were, of course, blasted as “conspiracy theorists.” Yet again, it turns out we were absolutely right. Just as we’re right about the toxicity of fluoride in the water, aspartame in the diet soda and the dangerous side effects of GMOs in the food supply. The WHO remains at least ten years behind what holistic health advocates already know on a variety of subjects.

Read more about the WHO’s announcement that mobile phone use promotes brain tumors:


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Proactivity equals Protection

Subject: CELL PHONE ACTION ALERTDr.Keith Black, Cedars Sinai Hospital neurosurgeon is on CNN this weekend! ACTION NEEDED
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 23:42:30 -0700

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This is a personal call to action about a major public health issue — cell phone safety

I feel strongly that we need to insist on getting answers about whether cell phones are safe or not. Tonight, I watched Dr Sanjay Gupta, a CNN commentator, who happens to be a neurosurgeon, interview Dr. Keith Blake, a practicing neurosurgeon at Cedar Sinai Hospital in West Los Angeles who is widely respected as one of the most prominent U.S. brain cancer surgeons in the United States.

These two neurosurgeons expressed their strong concern about cell phone safety and went into great details in explaining what causes them to speak out. Dr. Keith Black, who treated the Johnny Cochran, who died of brain cancer, said he believed all along that it was Cochran’s use of a cell phone that triggered his brain cancer. The interview covered much more than that.  You can see it online at http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/ .  CNN will be covering this issue more over this coming weekend.

CNN’s coverage is timely. The California State Legislature is poised to vote on a cell phone labelling bill next week. The International Agency on Research on Cancer will be discussing cel phone research next week and plans to render an opinion to the World Health Organization as to whether the type of microwave radiaiton used by cell phones, smart phones, WIFi networks, and antennas, etc. is cancer causing or now. The FCC is currently proposing to do away with landline phones. Concerned scientists agree there is sufficient evidence to call for more precaution and lower exposure standards while meanwhile, independantly sponsored science can aggressively seek the answers to the open question: is it safe?

With almost 300 million people using cell phones routinely in the US., isn’t it about time to find out for sure and address the concerns Dr. Black and so many others world wide are pointing to?

I appreciate Dr. Black’s willingness to speak out and also appreciate Dr. Gupta and CNN’s continuing coverage over the past decade, which is almost as long as most people have ever owned one.

You can take personal action by educating your self and protecting your self and especially your children. I initiated the Campaign for Safer Cell phones in 2010 with Dr. Devra Davis. You can see the educational videos I made for teens and young children on cell phone safety, under a grant from the California Endowment on behalf of the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety by going to:  http://www.environmentalhealthtrust.org/content/videos-change.

Contact California State Legislation next Monday to ask for their vote on AB 932, even if you are not a California resident.

Please pay attention. Details below were developed by Ellie MArks whose husgband Alan has a brain tumor that doctors believe was caused by his long term use of a cell phone. Let me hear from you.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Kelley
Founder, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.
Tucson, Arizona
520 743-0125

Contact the senators below and implore upon them to vote yes on SB 932 (cell phone safety law) EVEN IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN CALIFORNIA. No need for your address- just fax a short note to them NOW (email ok but less effective). Pass this along to all of your contactsthis may be the most critical health catastrophe we ever face.

We are currently working on legislation in many cities and states and their legislators are anxiously waiting to see what happens in California. Thus, this will affect YOU and your families.

Simply state: Vote yes on sb932 so consumers will be informed, at point of sale, to read the deceptively hidden safe use instructions required by the FCC.

And tell the senators no amount of money is worth exposing your children and grandchildren to excessive cell phone radiation. Thank you.

Some state senators who voted no last year   were top recipients of telecom industry campaign contributions. We cannot allow that to happen again this year. The public should be outraged.


Please fax a letter to all of the State Senators who voted NO last year on Leno’s previous bill.  This year’s bill is now more globally palatable.  It’s now a simple disclosure requirement at the point of sale stating:

 This device emits radiofrequency energy. Consult the user’s manual for additional information on safe use

Mobile telecom industry has been actively disseminating extremely disingenuous information.  Blackberry, for example, markets their products to users telling them to “keep your friends in your pocket” while in the fine print buried in their user’s manual, users are informed of the vital FCC required safety information:  “keep the phone 0.98 inches away from the body, especially the lower abdomen of teenagers and the abdomen of pregnant women” in order to not exceed the FCC  safety exposure guidelines!

We need 21 Democratic Senators (Republicans vote no automatically unless you can work some magic!) to be accountable with a YES vote.  We especially need to confront the Senators that are listed as being the top recipients of Telecommunications Industry campaign contributions[i] and have them vote yes to enact this into CA Code so the critically needed Right-to-Know SAFE USE INFO is more prominently communicated to users of the devices.

Please FAX your letters demanding a YES vote on SB 932 to all of the Senators in the following Table:


CA Democratic Senator  District Office  SB 1212 in 2010 vote TelephoneFax


Alex Padilla Van Nuys new  916-651-4020fax- 916-324-6645


Roderick Wright Inglewood,  Long Beach NO  916-651-4025fax  916-445-3712


Curren Price  Los Angeles NO  916-651-4026fax 916-445-8899


Kevin deLeon   Los Angeles NO  916-651-4022fax  916-327-8817


Christine Kehoe San Diego Abstained at EQ hearing 5/9/11  916-651-4039fax- 916-327-2188


Lou Correa[ii] Santa Ana NO  916 -651-4034fax  714-558-4111


[i]  according to: Maplight.org “Money and Politics” http://maplight.org/california/interest/C4000 based on contributions for the last four years of available data, Jan 1, 2007 – Dec 31, 2010, including contributions to state-wide campaigns.

[ii] Low eco vote rating Based on  California League of Conservation Voters Environmental scorecard rating http://www.ecovote.org/sites/default/files/clcv-scorecard-2010.pdf

Thank you, Ellie Marks

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EMF-Omega-News 21. May 2011

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global mobile phone use

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Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders

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Mother is so sensitive to electric gadgets she has to live by candlelight

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ELF standards need overhaul: protesters

Bitter row over garage phone mast

Village phone mast plan sparks anger

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Residents’ worries over mobile phone mast

Delight in rejection of mast

Safety is key in BPA power line issue

Patriot Action Network: STOP SMART METERS

Next-up News Nr 1699

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News from Mast Sanity

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EMF Health Assessment and RF Safety

EPRI Electric and Magnetic Fields Research

Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) exist wherever electricity is present. Electric power lines and substations, electrical wiring, household appliances, and electrical equipment all produce EMF. EMF also occur naturally in the environment.

During the last 35 years, research at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and elsewhere has investigated whether EMF associated with electricity can cause biologic changes or affect health. Hundreds of studies have been reviewed in health risk evaluations by the World Health Organization and other national and international organizations concerned with public health.

Recent evaluations concluded that in epidemiologic studies, exposure to magnetic fields measuring 0.3–0.4 microtesla (3–4 milligauss) or more is weakly associated with childhood leukemia risk. However, the evaluations concluded that other factors could account for the association and that the overall scientific evidence does not support a cause-and-effect relationship. Health risk evaluation panels found weaker evidence for an association between EMF and several other health outcomes, including adult leukemia, adult brain cancer, miscarriage, and the neurodegenerative diseases amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and Alzheimer disease.

EPRI EMF Health Assessment and RF Safety Program research is addressing childhood leukemia and other high-priority health issues identified in EMF health risk evaluations. The program’s research includes:

  • investigating hypotheses that could plausibly explain the magnetic field–childhood leukemia association
  • investigating EMF and other electrical factors in relation to neurodegenerative diseases
  • investigating the scientific basis for occupational EMF exposure guidelines
  • monitoring studies of EMF interference with cardiac pacemakers and other implanted medical devices
  • investigating EMF exposure levels that are present in electric motor vehicles

A few years ago, the program expanded to include research and information on safety issues for workers exposed to radio-frequency (RF) fields near telecommunications facilities and equipment.

EPRI is the only organization in North America funding long-term, multidisciplinary EMF research. To ensure objective results, EPRI carries out much of this research through sponsorship of independent scientists affiliated with major universities, laboratories, and consulting organizations. In addition, an external, blue-ribbon scientific advisory committee provides guidance for the EMF program’s research activities. Research findings are published in peer-reviewed journals.

In keeping with its mandate to conduct scientific research for the benefit of societies throughout the world, EPRI is continuing the search for answers to questions about EMF and health.

… thank you Angela Flynn for bringing this to our attention.

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