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EMF-Omega-News 9. July 2011

Complete spectrum of electromagnetic radiation...

Full spectrum electromagnetic frequencies

Mobile Phones Damage the Brain

Breast Cancer and EMFs Research

Long-term exposure to microwave radiation provokes cancer growth

Health Risks Related to Wireless Utility Infrastructure

The effects of electromagnetic radiation on our health

Kids vulnerable to cellphone tower radiation

Mobile phones cause ‘five-fold increase in brain cancer risk’

Is there no evidence of harm from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from wireless devices?

Nobel laureate: If the cellphone were a drug, it would be banned

Study downplaying cellphone risks funded by manufacturers

The Scandal the Press are Ignoring

Remove Wi-Fi From Schools and Public Facilities

Gulf Islanders Rally to Stop Hydros ‘Smart Meter’ Scheme

The Growing Movement Against Electromagnetic Contamination

Mile Cross families win mobile phone mast fight

Company sues Midwest City over cellphone tower

Neighbours force phone firm to call off mast job

Cell Towers Approved, Homeowners Angry

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EMF-Omega-News 26. March 2011

Score chart showing the star rating bands for ...

Image via Wikipedia

Health Effects of our ‘Wireless World

Wireless radiation is interfering with our natural body frequency

Is Cell Phone Radiation Weakening the Brain?

Mobile radiation can weaken your eyesight

Wearing Phone on Belt Linked to Decreased Bone Mineral Density in the Hip

Science being abused

Keep Your Children Safe

Report of lawyers meeting at EU Parliament in Brussels the 25th January, 2011

ICNIRP DRAFT Guidelines on Limits of Exposure to Incoherent Visible and Infrared Radiation

Corporation plans to bring mobile towers under tax net soon

Celebrity backing for battle to block mast plan

Health fears over possible phone mast

Caution needed over phone masts

LOUGHTON: Fears over districts latest phone mast plans

Some Worry About ‘Smart Meters’

Smart Technology Not So Smart?

4G Networks Raising Havoc on Swedens Railway System

Japan and its special fear of radiation

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EMF-Omega-News 19. March 2011

breast cancer surgery in 18. century

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Environmental Impact Assessment for Base Stations and Antennas

Modification of clinically important neurotransmitters under the influence of modulated high-frequency fields

NEW Studies Reveal Alarming Hidden Cause of Breast Cancer

Cell Phone Brain Tumors Lawsuit

Phone users’ exposure to radiation injurious, say experts

Continue to care for the sparrow

Mobile Phone Masts Are Dangerous

Cell Phones Not Safe?

Residents Oppose Cell Tower at Britannia; BZA Puts Off Decision

Locals hit back in university mast row

Angry Carlisle residents protest over phone mast plan

Hinckley and Burbage residents uniting in a fight over mast plans

There is plenty of evidence that smart meters make people sick

Irish Electromagnetic Radiation Victims Network (IERVN)

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International Coalition for an Electromagnetic-Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

EMR-Updates – November 29th – December 5th, 2010 – by Paul Doyon

Education! Awareness! Support! Action!

(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness, from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)

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EMR-Updates September 26th, 2010

In gratitude to Paul Doyon for scouring the plethora of resources to assemble yet another current summation:

International Coalition for an Electromagnetic-Safe Planet (IC-ESP)

Education! Awareness! Support! Action!

(From denial to acceptance, from ignorance to awareness,

from apathy to action, from selfishness to compassion.)

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New EMF Dangers – Type 3 Diabetes and Heart Disease

Offering you, with confidence, another installment of Dr. Mercola’s wisdom and proof of the worsening dangers of EMF.


One symptom of electrohypersensitivity is altered sugar metabolism similar to diabetes. In addition to type 1 and type 2 diabetes, the first video above shows that some diabetics may be electromagnetically sensitive, as shown by changes in their blood sugar when exposed to electromagnetic triggers.

One astonishing finding showed that in diabetic patients who exercised by walking outdoors, blood sugar went down as expected — but in those who exercised on a treadmill, impacted by electromagnetic fields, the blood sugar went up.

Dr. Magda Havas suggests there may not just be a type I diabetes and a type II diabetes, but also a new ‘Type III’ Diabetes related to external environmental factors.

EMF and Your Heart

In the second video above, a study has provided unequivocal evidence that the radiation from a cordless (DECT) phone interferes with your heart. This video provides evidence that electrohypersensitivity is real, is physical, and may be life threatening.

It also shows that non-thermal exposure, at levels well below federal guidelines in most countries (0.3 percent of the 1000 microW/cm2), has biological and health effects.

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CIA KCIA Phoenix and other EMF radiation weapons on film

Following is a link to a 2 and 1/2 hour horrific compilation of intentional global murder using EMF and microwave frequencies.  This has been going on my entire life and I was happily oblivious until now.

Hearing “stories” throughout these years about ionizing and non-ionizing radiation destroying lives are now pieced together.

Think about 3D, wireless technology, dishes on your rooftop to view TV, etc.

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